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The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of SUEK

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

On June 29, 2007 the annual general meeting of shareholders of OJSC “Siberian Coal Energy Company” (SUEK) took place.
Shareholders approved the annual report, accounting statements and the profit and loss statement for 2006. The resolution was adopted to pay 131,274 thousands roubles as dividends from net profit which amounted to 31,649,060 thousands roubles for 2006. Therefore, the size of dividend amounted to 0.51 roubles per each ordinary share with face value of 0.005 roubles.
As auditors for OJSC “SUEK” for 2007 were selected: CJSC “BDO Unicon” for preparation of accounting statements in accordance with Russian financial reporting standards and CJSC “Deloit and Touche CIS” for preparation of accounting statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
At the meeting shareholders elected the Board of Directors of the company including the following persons:
Martin Andersson;
Dmitry Bosky;
George Cardona;
Stephan Ducharme;
Michael Kisliakov;
Alexander Landia;
Andrey Melnichenko;
Sergey Popov;
Anatoly Ruban.
The shareholders have also elected a new membership of the Audit Commission, approved updated editions of certain regulations of the company – on procedure for preparation, convocation and holding of the General Meeting; on the Board of Directors; on the Executive Committee; on remuneration of the members of the Audit Commission.
In the course of the meeting the decision was also taken to take part in the international non-governmental organization “European Business Congress”.

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