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TCG 2020 OLS – the new version of the natural gas model series

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

DEUTZ Power Systems GmbH & Co. KG will be at POWER-GEN Europe 2007 showcasing its time-honoured product range, with the new version of the successful TCG 2020 gas engine, the TCG 2020 OLS, making its first public appearance. The abbreviation OLS stands for optimised load steps. Designed exclusively to run on natural gas, the unit has been developed to meet the very latest market requirements. The advantages at a glance:
• Improved load connection capability
• Extended servicing intervals
• Enhanced efficiency compared with TCG 2020 K
• Suitable for use with low-methane natural gas
• Also suitable for use in hot regions and at high altitudes
The TCG 2020 OLS has been specifically optimised for operation at ‘non-ISO 3046 ambient temperatures’. When using gas engines at temperatures in excess of 25°C and at altitudes of more than 100 meters above sea level, it is standard procedure to allow for decreases in performance, as indicated by the manufacturer. By contrast, the full cylinder output of the TCG 2020 OLS is still guaranteed, even at air intake temperatures of up to 40° C. No deductions are necessary. The mechanical cylinder output is 96.25 kWmech, resulting in the following electric unit outputs:
• 1125 kWel with TCG 2020 V12 OLS
• 1500 kWel with TCG 2020 V16 OLS
When running on natural gas the OLS engine needs a minimum methane number of 70 in order to be able to reach the full specified load.
Having supplied over 2000 units in this series, we have extended the servicing intervals on the basis of many years of experience. As such, the major scheduled overhaul of the TCG 2020 OLS is only required after 64,000 hours of operation.
The OLS engine permits higher load applications and is therefore particularly suitable for island operation.

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