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A2 Technologies

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

A2 Technologies, the innovator and manufacturer of portable Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers, announces the launch of its newly designed website, The new website provides quick and easy access to a wealth of information on A2 Technologies’ innovations, including its revolutionary Mobility Series of FT-IR spectrometers and the all-new Real-time Oil Analysis and Reporting (ROARTM) software. Visitors to the site can also find out more about the technology behind the instruments, discover the specific industry applications and keep updated on corporate developments through the comprehensive news section.
The newly designed website also provides in-depth information on the outstanding ROAR capability for lubrication analysis. ROAR enables users of the spectrometers to identify the types of samples being analyzed and any analytical trends as well as assessing the results and comparing them with earlier analyses. ROAR is capable of tracking key oil indicators in real-time allowing users to ascertain the condition of lubricating fluids on-the-spot and address problems before they occur. Downtime is considerably reduced, efficiency is increased and costs are minimized.
A2 Technologies’ innovative range of portable FT-IR spectrometers is detailed in the product information section of the website and visitors can download printable versions of the product datasheets for an even more detailed insight into their unique specifications and capabilities. This information is further supported and enhanced in the markets section of the website, which provides a complete list of the markets served by the spectrometers and their numerous on-site applications, including petrochemical, lubrication condition monitoring, food analysis and mining applications.
The comprehensive technology section of the website provides thorough, interactive tutorials on the effectiveness of portable FT-IR technology and the simplicity of the software utilized in A2 Technologies’ Mobility Series of portable FT-IR spectrometers. In addition, the technology section describes the innovative diamond-based transmission and diamond internal reflection sampling devices also available from A2 Technologies.
Jon Frattaroli, CEO at A2 Technologies, comments: “A2 Technologies is committed to offering breakthrough portable FT-IR-based solutions. Our new website has been specifically developed to act as an interactive means of communicating with our customers providing them with useful product and technology information.”

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