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Advanced X-ray microanalysis capability for QEMSCAN®

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

The successful integration of the world leading Quantax Esprit X-ray microanalyser software from Bruker AXS with the QEMSCAN® automated mineralogy system breaks new ground in advanced mineral analysis.
X-ray microanalysis is an analytical technique for precise determination of the chemical composition of solid samples, thin layers or particles under investigation in electron microscopes. Intellection’s QEMSCAN® is an advanced mineral analysis system based on technology pioneered by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and in use around the world by geosciences laboratories in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors. QEMSCAN® is designed for unattended, high productivity analysis of minerals, rocks and materials.
As part of normal operation QEMSCAN® may detect compounds that require further analysis, often by an electron probe. Such analysis can cause delays and additional costs to the process of mineral analysis.
By integrating the liquid nitrogen free energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS) that are a standard part of QEMSCAN® and the Quantax Esprit software option it is possible to detect and analyze all elements down to boron simultaneously on the one QEMSCAN® instrument.
With true standardless analysis; proven standard related quantification; or even a combination of both methods, obtaining elemental information from a sample volume of only a few microns and providing relative detection limits in the order of a tenth of mass percent makes QEMSCAN® based Esprit X-ray microanalysis one of the most sensitive analysis methods available today.
Quantax Esprit is available immediately as an option for all QEMSCAN® systems using the Intellection X275HR Silicon Drift X-ray detectors.
For further information, contact Jolene Alfred on +61 7 3512 9104.

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