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Canadian Royalties Inc

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Canadian Royalties Inc. announces that the Board of Directors has given authorisation for the start of project development, which includes detailed engineering and ordering of long-lead equipment in order to meet or shorten the development timeline.
Detailed Engineering Contracts Awarded for the Mineral Processing Facility and Power Plant
Following a competitive bidding process, Canadian Royalties has awarded detailed engineering contracts for the mineral processing facility, and the main and secondary power generation facilities.
GENIVAR Consulting Group has been awarded the detailed engineering contract for the mineral processing facilities, the scope of which includes verification of the process flow sheets, confirmation of technical specifications for the procurement of mechanical equipment, engineering designs for the plant including crushing, grinding, flotation and dewatering of concentrates, and the fresh water pickup and pipeline to the plant. GENIVAR will also support the construction of the plant.
Jerry Kaehne Consulting Inc. and GENIVAR Consulting Group will cooperate in the detailed engineering of the power generation facilities. The contract includes the integration of the diesel power generation equipment with the mineral processing facility, and all related engineering leading to the construction of the power generation modules.
Procurement of long-lead equipment is underway. Canadian Royalties expects to announce purchase orders for the diesel power generators, ball mills, mine camp, structural steel / piling, and the crushing system during the upcoming weeks.

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