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Flowserve Acquires MF Sealing Systems

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Flowserve Corporation, a leading global provider of fluid motion and control products and services, has announced it has acquired MF Sealing Systems in Middlesbrough, UK. The company says this is designed to strengthen a long-standing alliance between the two companies for pump and seal sales and maintenance, and should further enhance Flowserve’s operations in the British pump and mechanical seal markets.
“Acquiring MF Sealing helps allow us to quickly and effectively meet our strategic customer and end-user objectives in the Teesside region of the UK,” according to Tom Ferguson, President of Flowserve Pump Division. “With our newly acquired Teesside facility as our primary Flowserve establishment in this area, we will now be better positioned to locally serve the pump and mechanical seal needs of the global corporations with British operations in the petrochemical and industrial markets.
“The cornerstone of our ‘end-user strategy’ is to be able to provide the best pump and seal service available, geographically near our customers and end-users around the world. This MF acquisition provides us with a platform for further enhancing those end-user alliances in the UK.”
“We are also pleased that MF founder Ian Watson intends to stay on board to help guide this effort. He plans to serve in the capacity of service manager in this new operation, and will help guide our new 30-plus member staff in Teesside during the transition.
Facility and Operations
MF Sealing Systems recently invested in establishing a new, 22 400 square foot workshop and office space. This upscale facility, within close proximity to many existing MF and Flowserve customers, should provide a focal point for combining the assets of both companies to better serve the UK market.
To provide an even more advanced maintenance and service offering for pumps and mechanical seals, Flowserve’s technical services and solutions expertise will be strongly featured at the new Teesside site. This should help further develop the relationship between “blue-chip” UK customers and Flowserve, previously begun by MF Sealing.

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