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McArdle making good progress on M1 widening

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

On one of the largest earthmoving jobs currently under way in the UK, the massive M1 Widening project between junctions 6A and 10 on the M1 Motorway north of London, the main earthworks contractor, McArdle Group of Colnbrook, is making good progress, despite the exceptionally bad weather in recent weeks. The dependable performance of the new fleet of six 30t-capacity Terex TA30 articulated dump trucks has contributed to the smooth running of the project.
The work on the £250m project being undertaken by the Balfour-Beatty-Skanska Joint Venture on behalf of The Highways Agency, will increase this exceptionally busy 17 km section of motorway from six to eight lanes, and ease congestion on a major route connected to the M25 London Orbital motorway.
The earthworks part of the contract involves the moving of some 1.9m cu. m of chalk, clay, top-soil and recycled capping materials over a 140 week construction period. The haul distances vary from below 500m to in excess of 2000m, and an intensive schedule exceeding 6,000 cu.m per day requires consistent, reliable and well-coordinated teamwork from the muck-shifting team including the six TA30 articulated dump trucks and 36t hydraulic excavators.
“After very satisfactory results with our first two Terex® trucks last year, we are delighted with both the performance and the reliability of the TA30, and have added a further six units to the fleet for this important contract,” says chairman Jim McArdle. “On a fast-moving, high-profile project such as this, we depend
on a high level of availability, otherwise it is easy to fall behind on a demanding schedule.”
“The TA30s are ideal for this type of intensive job on a busy, extended site. They have the power to handle the grades and variable ground conditions, and are compact and manoeuvrable enough to position for loading and dumping in confined spaces, and negotiate the busy access roads. And they are well-matched with the 36t excavators with their 2.4cu.m capacity mass excavation buckets – being loaded with six passes in less than 2 minutes.”
The 350hp (261kW) Tier 3 Cummins-powered Terex® trucks are fitted with optional scissor-type tail-gates to maximize carrying capacity and material retention. The standard fully-enclosed wet-disc wheel brakes together with an engine exhaust brake system contribute to long service life and fade-free braking performance.

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