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DBT delivers first Vers-A-Trac® VT650 battery-powered shield haulers to China

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Following recent orders for five Armored Face Conveyors from Shenhua Shendong Coal, DBT is now delivering Vers-A-Trac® shield haulers to Shenhua Wanli. Four VT650s are being shipped to the company during April and June 2007. Shenhua Shendong has ordered a further six, with shipments to be completed during July and August. The first Vers-A-Trac® VT650 shield movers to be delivered to a customer in China, they will work along side two VT-630s and eight VT-636s previously purchased by Shenhua.
The VT650 is the latest addition to DBT’s range of ultra-heavy-duty Vers-A-Trac® battery-powered shield haulers. It offers 50 ton (45.4 metric tonnes) of lift and tilts 1.6 m from the fork face, a capacity unparalleled by any other shield hauler on the market.
The control stick gives the operator intuitive control over steering and other functions, while massive lifting forks and the huge 2000 Ah battery substantially reduce the time necessary to pull and place longwall roof support shields. The Vers-A-Trac® VT650 means cleaner, faster, simpler and less costly longwall face moves.
Shenhua realizes that battery-powered vehicles have the advantages of no pollution, no noise, and no heat in the working area. The battery powered Vers-A-Trac also offers very high torque at low speeds. This offers tremendous benefits in moving shields as well as positioning shields on the new face. This adds up to accurate, quick and safe face moves which together with reliability, are the major reasons why Shenhua has decided to operate a combination of Vers-A-Trac® shield haulers at the longwall face and diesel shield haulers for long-distance transportation.
In 2006, total Shenhua Group produced 202.46 million tonnes of coal, with Shendong Coal accounting for 114.72 million tonnes.
As the size and weight of longwall equipment continues to increase, the unparalleled VT-650 will continue to enjoy a strong position in this market. This current market success will also support the launch of the first locally produced AFC in Langfang in 2007.

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