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Flowserve Corporation Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Flowserve Corp. a global leader in fluid motion and control products and services, celebrated the 10th anniversary of its incorporation and listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on July 20. In honor of that event, company President and Chief Executive Officer Lewis M. Kling and other company representatives visited the NYSE and rang the closing bell to end the trading session.
While some of Flowserve’s leading heritage brands trace their roots back more than 200 years, Flowserve was created in 1997 through the merger of two then leading fluid motion and control companies–BW/IP and Durco International.
“When Flowserve was created in 1997, it comprised more than 7,000 employees in 28 countries,” said Kling. “Since that time, we have almost tripled our sales and doubled the size of our employee base and geographic reach to include more than 14,000 employees in more than 55 countries. We have combined the legacy of our heritage brands into something that is much stronger than the sum of the individual parts.”
“The past 10 years have been a remarkable chapter in our story. Given the unmatched talent of our employees and their commitment to our customers, I am confident that our experience and customer focus will help us drive continued success.”

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