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Redfern Update

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

On July 18th 2007 the final load of construction equipment in the initial barge shipment was landed at the Tulsequah Project. This marks the first time since 1994 that large equipment has been transported to the mine site via conventional barges.
Upon arrival at the mouth of the Taku River, the smaller river barge, powered by two tugs, made seven trips to the reactivated barge landing site located at the confluence of the Tulsequah and Taku Rivers. These barges delivered earth moving equipment, construction supplies, a temporary camp and fuel. All supplies and equipment were offloaded on Redfern’s property in accordance with a Letter of Advice from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Additional barge shipments of supplies and equipment are scheduled for delivery later this summer.
Permitting work is continuing, and earlier this month a Notice of Work application was filed with the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines to build an exploration road between the barge landing site and the Big Bull Deposit. A second Notice of Work application is expected to be submitted later this month to extend this exploration road from near the barge landing to the Tulsequah Chief Deposit. In addition, an airstrip will be built on the east side of the Tulsequah River to improve access to the site and support the expanded exploration and camp activities.
With the recent completion and announcement of a $252 million debt and equity financing, we are progressing with detailed engineering for the mine, construction of permanent camp facilities, as well as the start of construction of the Air Cushion Barge and Amphitrac.
Discussions with regulators in Alaska have identified that transportation-related permits from the State of Alaska will be required as we move the Tulsequah mining project forward.
Redcorp and Redfern wish to sincerely express their gratitude to the local residents who have supported and assisted with the recent barging activity, and look forward to working with all users of the Taku River.
For further information visit: www.redcorp-ventures.com

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