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Active Control Technology Inc

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Active Control Technology Inc. announce that the wireless network technology used in ActiveMineTM, a two-way voice communications, tracking and data system, will be specified by five mining companies in safety plans submitted to West Virginia regulators by today.
ACT has provided multiple proposals for ActiveMine to coal operators owning a total of 62 coal mines. Forty-six of the mines are located in West Virginia, which requires safety plans for all mines in the state. By law, the plans must include specifications for communications and locating systems.
Three of the companies, which together own 38 mines, will name ActiveMine specifically in their mine safety plans, while the other two operators will specify the system’s wireless network back-bone – a technology for mine communications and tracking that is available only with ActiveMine. Proposals presented by Active Control to the companies range in value from about $200,000 to approximately $1 million per mine.
“The inclusion of ActiveMine and its wireless technology in so many mine safety plans is a tremendous validation of our system,” said Steve Barrett, President and CEO, ACT. “This is a crucial step in making Active Control the provider of choice as West Virginia coal operators move to the next steps of purchasing and installing mine communications and tracking systems.”
West Virginia requires that communications and tracking systems be installed in all of the state’s more than 150 underground coal mines by July 31, 2008. The state’s Office of Miners’ Health, Safety and Training last month certified that ActiveMine meets West Virginia functionality criteria, thereby approving it for sale.
“In addition to enhanced safety, our system provides mine operators with powerful tools to improve their day-to-day operations and bottom line results,” said Barrett, noting ActiveMine’s unique wireless high-speed data capabilities. “We deliver return on investment, not just regulatory compliance.”
In addition to high-speed data, ActiveMine is the only commercially-available mine communications and tracking system that is designed to:
– Operate on a 100 percent wireless Wi-Fi network backbone.
– Be less susceptible to water and mechanical damage of all sorts, including rock fall.
– Use open-standards technology.
– Meet federal MINER Act requirements for wireless systems as established in MSHA policies.
– Provide four-day intrinsically safe battery back-up and power supply.
ActiveMine’s communications and data network enables monitoring of production, personnel and equipment in all types of surface and underground mining environments, including coal and base metal mines.

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