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Powerscreen Increase Shop-Floor Productivity & Save Floor Space With Zero Emission Nu-Star Tugs

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Powerscreen International have recently taken delivery of their first Nu-Star Super Pusher at their manufacturing facility in Dungannon, Northern Ireland in addition to the existing two Power Pushers in use on the site.
Mr. John McGrane, Powerscreen Lean Manufacturing promotion officer, explained; “During the manufacturing process, 6500kg screen box assemblies were manufactured and brought to final assembly using overhead gantry cranes. By assembling the screen boxes on carrier bogies, overhead cranes were eliminated for transporting screen boxes, and by using a Nu-Star Super Pusher to move the carrier bogies around the manufacturing area, it has been possible to consolidate screen box production.”
As a result the floor space required for screen box assembly has been reduced by 664m². This valuable manufacturing space has been used to increase production.
The Super Pusher is more manoeuvrable and requires much less aisle way and turning circle space as compared to fork lifts or full sized ride-on tugs. It’s size and price and capability means that it can be kept available in the area and used to move the screen boxes through the screen box assembly area and out side for transport to final assembly.
Powerscreen had previously purchased two Nu-Star Pushers for moving 2000kg – 3000kg conveyors through their conveyor assembly process and the step up to Super Pusher was due to the weight of the screen boxes.
The Nu-Star Pusher and Super Pusher combined with carrier bogies are a safe and efficient means of moving major components through sub and final assembly processes. They require less floor space than fork lift trucks, and are more flexible than cranes.
Matthew Smith, Nu-Star’s Managing Director, commented; “We are delighted that such a prestigious company as Powerscreen have identified the proven benefits of our zero emission, electric tugs and been able to realise such tangible benefits in their Lean Manufacturing processes in Dungannon.”

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