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Tanzanian Royalty Receives Assay Results From MDN for Mnezeki Project in Tanzania

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation is pleased to announce that MDN Inc. has released further assay results from its Mnezeki Project in the Tulawaka area of Tanzania which is held under option from Tanzanian Royalty.
A total of 1,736 meters of RC drilling and 1,252 meters of RAB drilling have been completed on the Mnezeki Project. The table below shows certain encouraging results in addition to re-analysis (with asterisks) of several holes completed in 2006 which had produced low grade results.
Hole No, From(m), To(m), Length(m), Grade g/t gold
NPRAB-26 37 45 8 2.41
50 51 1 1.97
NPRAB-29 6 7 1 2.09
MKRC-06(*) 14 15 1 1.04
MKRC-09(*) 5 7 2 8.10
MKRC-13(*) 51 52 1 1.73
MKRC-20(*) 43 44 1 2.40
MKRC-26 51 52 1 1.56
MKRAB-08(*) 23 24 1 1.93
(*) Re-analyzed drilling results from 2006
Because of the nature of RC and RAB drilling it is difficult to accurately determine the true width and orientation of the mineralized intercepts in the preceding table.
Drilling was carried out on two adjacent licenses located on the Mnezeki project which covers 109.8 km2 and is located approximately 20 km east of the Tulawaka Gold Mine. Although the results remain preliminary, they show the presence of gold deposits of potential significance, says MDN.

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