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Bobcat launches Smallest 80 Series Breaker

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Bobcat has launched the new Bobcat HB280 hydraulic breaker, the smallest model in the company’s 80 Series. Like the other breaker models in the 80 series, the HB280 is designed to meet customer requirements for improved performance, efficiency and reliability. With a flow requirement of 15 l/min, the HB280 breaker is specifically designed for the 820 kg Bobcat 316 micro-excavator, which has an auxiliary hydraulic flow of 20 l/min.
The HB280 hydraulic breaker shares the same features as the other models in the 80 Series range. Designed for trenching, concrete demolition and general excavation work, the new breaker has a frame with a cylindrical design, providing improved access to jobs in confined areas such as inside structures or holes. The breaker is equipped as standard with a special shield to protect hoses and fittings from being damaged when working close to the ground or in tight spots.
The internal design of the HB280 breaker involves fewer moving parts and no tie rods. As a result, the breaker can be completely disassembled in less than five minutes, without the need for special tooling. An automatic pressure regulator ensures the HB280 breaker operates at its optimal pressure to deliver a constant energy per blow. The innovative design provides increased efficiency, ensuring a longer working time without risk of overheating.
The HB280 breaker also incorporates a very effective soundproofing system, whereby the striking assembly is held top and bottom by a suspension system that is not in contact with the outer cylindrical housing. Another innovative feature is a patented treated steel ring ‘clip’ system, which retains the bushing of the tool and protects the greasing system. This ring is easily removed with a multi-purpose tool supplied with the breaker, to release the sliding bushing and the tool instantly.

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