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Sterling in Final Commissioning of Silver Summit Hoist at Sunshine Mine

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Sterling Mining Company report that the re-engineered Silver Summit Hoist is entering the final stage of commissioning. In addition to performing design and engineering for the power supply, hoist drive and controls, oversight and testing of the hoist and its safety features is being provided by Spencer Engineering of Ontario, Canada, an internationally respected hoist engineering firm, in order to meet stringent federal mine hoist regulations. The hoist is expected to be ready for service by mid August.
Raymond De Motte, Sterling’s President and CEO, commented “The Silver Summit Hoist is a major component of our mine plan’s critical path to build production capacity from mining at depth. The Silver Summit Shaft is required by law as a secondary escapeway for the Sunshine Mine in accordance with modern safety standards. Once the hoist is commissioned for full use, we will focus our attention on repairing the Silver Summit Shaft down to the 3000-foot level to complete the escapeway. Next we will restore power and services in our Sunshine and West Chance vein blocks for mechanized mining to resume from the 2700 and 3100-foot levels.”
Initially, hoist operation servicing the Silver Summit Shaft on the east side of the Sunshine Mine will provide for the movement of equipment and personnel to the 3000 foot level. As deeper mine development and exploration is expanded, the service of the hoist will extend down to the 4000 foot level.
On the west side of Sunshine Mine, the primary Jewell Shaft hoists were re-conditioned and have been operational since April 2004 down to the 3100 level.

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