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Liberty’s Redstone Mill Recovers 91.7% Nickel

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Liberty Mines Inc. is pleased to announce that the recovery of nickel from the flotation circuit at the Redstone Mill has averaged 91.7% since August 8 after a few adjustments were made to the circuit. Samples of tailings, cyclone overflow (which represent well mixed head grades) and concentrate from both the day and night shifts were analyzed by atomic absorption to obtain the nickel (“Ni”) content of the slurries. Head grades from the stock piled ore averaged 2.21% Ni and the average concentrate grade was 20.7% Ni.
Historic recoveries from the Redstone ore during 1990-1992 averaged about 87% with a head grade of 2.4% Ni. “Our expectations of achieving a recovery of 90% or better with a concentrate grade around 20% Ni from the Redstone ore have been confirmed” said Liberty’s President Gary Nash. “The crushing, grinding and flotation circuits in the mill are working exceptionally well”, he added.
However, the Larox hydraulic filter press needs further rehabilitation. New hydraulic hoses, diaphragms and couplings are on route from Larox in Maryland USA to enable the unit to operate at full efficiency. A drum filter press will be used in the interim while the hydraulic unit is being repaired. Filter presses are used as the end point in the circuit to remove excess water from the concentrate obtained from the concentrate thickener.

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