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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches ARL SMS-2000 EL for Affordable, Fully Automated Metals Analysis

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, introduces a new entry level version of its ARL SMS-2000 Sample Manipulation System for automated metal analysis. Designed to offer foundries and other metals producers a way to fully automate sample analysis, the innovative Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2000 EL features high sample process rate, reliability and ease of use. Based on the industry reference ARL SMS-2000 and the experience of more than 330 Thermo Scientific OES Automation systems installed worldwide, Thermo Fisher Scientific is now offering an affordable way for smaller metals processors to address testing capacity and reliability of data while reducing manual labor.
Typically, large primary metals producers lead the way in using automated analytical systems, where the analysis is carried out by specialized laboratory personnel. However the secondary smelters and smaller foundries can now take full advantage of the easy-to-use, automated sample analysis capabilities of the ARL SMS-2000 EL and operation can be performed by production staff.
The reliability and the quality of the results are often proportional to the sample rate. However the more infrequent the analysis and the higher the number of different operators, the more the results become dispersed. The ARL SMS-2000 EL eliminates these problems with the inclusion of automatic sample introduction and handling, while analysis and distribution of results are automated with no user intervention required. The novel ARL SMS-2000 EL entry level metals analyzer thus releases the production personnel from the most delicate task, the analysis.
The new ARL SMS-2000 EL demonstrates Thermo Fisher’s commitment to satisfy the continuously increasing demand for automation in the metals industry for improved consistency and precision of analysis, while eliminating bottlenecks that affect production capacity.
Several options are available to expand the system including customized and flexible sample registration, monitoring of the instrument performance with automatic correction in case of drift, control charts for recording the instrument performance, vision system, sample marking and automatic sample preparation.

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