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Dhanoa Receives Its First Gold Production

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. has received expected production of 19,423 grams of .999 purity gold ore valued in excess of $427,306 from its operating company Invictacorp. This initial monthly gold production came from the recently acquired Bonanza “Guanache ad Mollopono mines.”
The company is making investments on these mines at present to increase the production of gold and silver for Dhanoa’s benefit.
The company has invested in new production equipment which will dramatically increase production from October 2007 forward.
Dhanoa’s majority controlled subsidiary “Promensa” has entered into a 90-day due diligence period on the “Porvenir Mine” which is situated to the South and adjacent to the recently acquired bonanza mine at an elevation of 550 meters. It is located in the prolific goldbelt of the “Gaba-Papa Grande Bella Rica gold Camp in Azuay province of Ecuador. Mineralizion is fabulous consisting of gold, silver, copper zinc and lead occurring in quartz calcite veins within an andesite host rock. There is an apparent disseminated mineralized zone underground which has the potential to be developed into a huge underground or open pit mine.

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