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Hazemag Rapid Dryer for Clay Processing

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Especially in the states of the former Soviet Union, the raw materials, such as clay, limestone or chalk that are available have a particularly high moisture content, and consequently need to be dried prior to further processing. This is the case at the Broceni works of the CEMEX organisation in Lithuania, where clay with varying consistencies is being processed.
During their search for the optimum technology to deal with this problem, the process engineers at CEMEX considered among possible solutions the involvement of the renowned HAZEMAG Rapid Dryer.
In the HAZEMAG Rapid Dryer, the wet raw clay is subjected to the combined influences of mechanical turbulence from agitating paddles and continuous exposure to hot drying gases flowing through the dryer. The agitation process causes the de-agglomeration of the clay, creating a much greater material surface area and resulting in a rapid and intensive evaporation of the moisture from the wet material. In addition, the de-agglomeration of the material results in the generation of a uniform, homogeneous product.
In order to prove the suitability of the process, extensive tests were run in HAZEMAG’s test facilities, where a fully-equipped, full-scale drying plant is available for such practical testing. In this particular application, clay with a moisture content varying between approximately 16 and 25 % is to be processed using the one machine only.
The tests were successfully completed, and left no doubt that the clay which had been pre-dried and de-agglomerated in the HAZEMAG Rapid Dryer was ideally suited as a material for further processing. The continuously-operating dryer has been designed to handle raw material flow rates of some 100 – 120 t/h based on moisture contents of 16 – 25 % and residual H20 contents of 8 – 10 %. HAZEMAG is supplying the rapid dryer as well as two double-pendulum flap gates as material feed and discharge units. The remaining equipment, such as conveyors, hot gas generator, dust collecting plant, etc. is being acquired by CEMEX. The plant is currently in the process of fabrication and is due for delivery later in 2007.
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