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P&H Mining Equipment Launches 4100C BOSS with Centurion AC Drive

Monday, September 10th, 2007

P&H Mining Equipment recently introduced the 4100C BOSS with Centurion(TM) AC Drive to the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada. This development resulted from a two-year project to integrate current AC technology with the advanced P&H Centurion(TM) supervisory control system. P&H MinePro Services – Canada mechanics and electricians commissioned the new AC-drive power shovel in March 2007 and performance immediately exceeded customer expectations. In over three months running, the new shovel consistently generated strong gains in productivity and availability within the operations of a major oil sands mining operation.
P&H DC technology and the P&H Centurion supervisory control system have been highly regarded for reliability, durability, and performance value in severe-duty mining operations. Now, with recent advances in AC technology, P&H is offering an AC alternative featuring air-cooled drives specifically sized and packaged by partner ABB to meet mine-duty requirements. The control system remains Centurion with motors designed and manufactured by P&H.
The Centurion AC option was developed in response to customer requests in recent years. AC has become more “mainstream” at mines as plant equipment, haul trucks, and locomotives are now using this drive system. P&H project teams evaluated AC solutions that would offer reliability along with potential gains in material loading rates. Early results are very encouraging, with production rates over 50% higher than requirements and running averages of 96% availability.
Two additional 4100C BOSS units have been ordered and several others are under discussion. P&H DC drives will continue to be offered on all models, providing alternatives that will best match the customers’ need.

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