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Ruby Red Resources announces drilling results on Zeus and Gar properties

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Ruby Red Resources Inc. is pleased to report the results of the drilling on its Zeus and Gar properties. Gordon Turner, P. Geol., Vice-President, Exploration of Ruby Red, announces that confirmation drilling on the Company’s 100% owned Zeus property located 15 kilometres southwest of Cranbrook, B.C. has intersected significant copper mineralization over 57 metres as follows:
DDH 01-2007
Interval(m), Length(m), Cu %, Bi g/t, Ag g/t, Au(ppb)
116 – 143 27 0.49 – – –
143 – 153 10 1.23 163.6 11.58 87.5
153 – 173 20 0.54 – – –
57 Avg. 0.63
The intersection averages 0.63% Cu, 3.8gm/tonne Ag, and 87gm/tonne Bi over the entire 57 metre interval. The mineralization is associated with a quartz flooded zone displaying intense argillic alteration typically associated with porphyry style mineralization. The presence of intense quartz stock working and the zonation of the mineralization are typical of Cu – Au porphyry systems as is the presence of significant Ag – Bi values. The mineralization is hosted in a complexly altered, brecciated quartz – albite zone, extending from 75 metres to 216 metres, comprised of syenite intrusive material hosted by intensely argillic altered sediments.
Shallower drilling by a previous operator intersected lower grade mineralization in less intensively altered rock that indicates both alteration and mineral grades are increasing with depth. Specular hematite has been located in albitized and brecciated sediments which outcrop adjacent to the mineralized zone and are associated with a regional fault. This setting is typical of porphyry and IOCG styles of mineralization. Additional drilling is warranted to expand the mineralization.
Ruby Red is also pleased to report that drilling on the Company’s 100% owned Gar property located 30 kilometres west of Cranbrook, B.C. also intersected significant precious and base metal mineralization as follows:
Gar 07-2
Interval(m), Length(m), Au(ppm), Ag(ppm), Pb %, Zn %, Cu %
30.0 – 31.0 1.0 0.110 21.6 0.07 0.08 0.03
31.0 – 32.0 1.0 0.050 34.8 0.02 0.13 0.03
32.0 – 33.2 1.2 0.016 25.9 1.56 2.40 0.05
33.2 – 34.5 1.3 3.04 394.0 2.40 0.06 0.32
34.5 – 36.0 1.5 0.01 4.4 0.83 0.19 0.05
The drill hole tested a mineralized shear zone within a quartz monzonite stock discovered and trenched in the 2006 work program. Ruby Red is encouraged by these results as it indicates the intrusions as well as the hosting sediments have significant gold and silver mineralization associated with shear zones. Detailed soil geochemistry will be used to target more zones prior to trenching and drilling. The Angus Creek stock located 4 kilometres to the south of the Gar has established gold soil anomalies and gold hosted in quartz veins in both the intrusion and host sediments which will be drill tested in the 2008 field season.
Ruby Red has identified the Cranbrook region as an excellent geological setting for porphyry/IOCG style mineralization. To date 15 ‘granitic’ intrusions with associated Au, Cu, Mo, Bi, Pb, Zn, Ag, As, Co and W mineralization have been identified. Age dating on these intrusive features has returned dates of 120 to 90 million years which is consistent with other intrusions associated with producing mines. These features in the Cranbrook region appear to be controlled by a deep seated crustal suture known as the Kanasewich Lineament.

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