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Diamonds North finds 11 new kimberlites at Amaruk

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Diamonds North Resources Ltd. has discovered 11 new kimberlites during the first phase of the 2007 drill program on its 100-per-cent-owned Amaruk property in the Pelly Bay diamond district of Nunavut. Representative samples from the new kimberlites have been collected for diamond analysis.
“Our objective is to discover Canada’s next major diamond mine. We are very pleased with how the Amaruk property is progressing,” says Mark Kolebaba, president and chief executive officer. “So far this year, we have delivered 11 new kimberlites in this proven diamond district — there are few companies able to provide this level of opportunity to shareholders.”
The following are highlights on the kimberlite discoveries during 2007 phase I drilling program:
· Five new kimberlites (Qavvik-2 through Qavvik-6) have been discovered near the Qavvik-1 kimberlite. Qavvik-1, which was drilled in 2006, is proven to be highly diamondiferous and is currently being bulk sampled.
· Four kimberlites (Tuktu-1 through Tuktu-4) forming the Tuktu kimberlite cluster were discovered 15 kilometres west of Qavvik-1. Abundant diamond indicator minerals associated with these kimberlites suggest excellent diamond potential.
· Ptarmigan, a new kimberlite, was discovered 20 kilometres south of the Qavvik-1 kimberlite. Numerous untested targets nearby suggest the potential for additional kimberlites forming a cluster.
· The discovery of Umingmak-2 near the Umingmak-1 kimberlite (drilled in 2006) confirms kimberlite clustering in the area. Umingmak-1 yielded diamonds with a high clarity, a white colour and a high proportion of octahedral crystals.
2007 Kimberlite Summary
Kimberlite, Kimberlite sampled(m)
Qavvik-2 96.0
Qavvik-3 67.1
Qavvik-4 35.1
Qavvik-5 56.5
Qavvik-6 76.2
Tuktu-1 74.7
Tuktu-2 79.2
Tuktu-3 67.1
Tuktu-4 44.2
Ptarmigan 47.2
Umingmak-2 36.6
Notes: Representative kimberlite samples will be obtained from the above reverse circulation drill cutting intervals for microdiamond analysis.
Size of kimberlite occurrences have not yet been determined.
All of the kimberlites described in the kimberlite summary table lie within the proven diamondiferous Amaruk kimberlite field. A total of 16 kimberlites have been discovered on the property to date and approximately 500 identified targets remain untested. The 2007 phase II drill program is planned to commence in September.
Bruce Kienlen (PGeol) and Graham Gill (PGeo) are Diamonds North’s qualified persons reviewing this project, and are responsible for the design and conduct of the exploration program, and the verification and quality assurance of analytical results.

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