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New X-life axial spherical roller bearings offer more than double the life under the same loads

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Ideal for harsh operating environments, including construction machinery, rolling mills and lifting gear, Schaeffler’s new premium grade X-life axial spherical roller bearings now offer more than double the life.
Launched at this year’s Hanover Fair, Schaeffler’s new premium grade, X-life FAG E1 spherical roller thrust bearings now boast significant improvements, including increased load ratings (static +10%, dynamic +35%), limiting speeds (+50%) and fatigue limiting load (+70%). A revolutionary achievement is the bearing’s 170% increase in bearing rating life. These improvements make the X-life FAG E1 spherical roller thrust bearings one of the best of its type on the market today.
The technical benefits of the bearing are numerous: operating life has more than doubled under the same loads; similar operating life under significantly higher loads; suitable for high speed applications due to lower friction levels; improved guidance and vibration characteristics due to very high running accuracy; less wear due to optimised lubricant film formation; and the lubricant is subjected to less strain due to lower bearing temperatures.
For the customer, these benefits translate into higher machine availability, new design possibilities, more economical bearing supports due to downsizing; and lower operating costs due to reduced energy consumption.
The most up-to-date kinematics technology and software was used to develop the new 294 and 293 series bearings, which are made from superior quality materials.
The performance improvements were made possible by modifying and improving the bearing contact geometry and bearing kinematics. This included adding longer rollers with larger diameters, which results in higher load ratings.
Surface improvements on the rolling elements also enable a lubrication film that is capable of supporting even higher loads. Improved osculation conditions and additional profiles further optimise the rolling contact. Modified osculation and precise rib geometry increase the load carrying capacity of the rib contact. A new sheet metal cage with improved roller guidance and lubrication support, reduce wear and extend the life of the bearing.
Higher axial load carrying capacity and lower bearing temperature as well as improved resistance to wear have enabled a further increase in operational reliability and economic efficiency. Moreover, the new FAG E1 spherical roller thrust bearings in X-life quality offer an even better price/performance ratio. Users also benefit from higher machine availability and lower operating costs through reduced energy consumption. Totally new opportunities have been opened up for design engineers: They can either achieve higher performance with unchanged bearing dimensions or they can realize more cost-effective downsized solutions.
In addition to these two X-life quality series, 292 series spherical roller thrust bearings are also available in E1 version, comprising longer rollers and larger roller diameters.
Schaeffler’s axial spherical roller bearings are ideal for applications in which very high axial loads are present and where shaft deflections or misalignments of bearing seats must be compensated for. The bearings operate reliably in the harshest of environments, including gearboxes, calendars, marine and rudder engines, lifting gear, construction machinery and steel rolling mills.
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