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Sterling Begins Drifting on Silver Mineralization Exposed by Cross-Cutting at Sunshine Mine

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Sterling Mining Company report that its mining crews have completed over 230 feet of drifting on a new portion of the Sunshine vein, that has been accessed from the new Sterling Tunnel and which was exposed during exploration cross-cutting in June and July.
Sampling by Sterling’s geologists to date indicate a vein grade of 33.7 ounces per ton over an average of 0.9 feet true vein width for the entire length of the exploration drift.
Raymond De Motte, President stated “This initial result is very exciting, and adds to our projections that there is ore in the Upper Country area that has been either inaccessible to date, or not explored due to fragmented land ownership with prior operators. The Upper Country area, which is separate from the lower levels of the Mine and its silver reserves that are the focus of our return to production, is key to our continuing exploration efforts at Sterling”.
Sterling’s Mine Manager, Mike McLean, also confirmed the arrival of a new fleet of diesel equipment, which consisting of four loaders, an underground dump truck and a single-boom hydraulic drill jumbo, which are being dedicated to the Upper Country exploration efforts.
At the Mine, to date, over 1,350 tons of the material mined in recent drifting has been stockpiled for mill feed. The concentrating Mill is expected to be operational in September. Drifting in the first cross-cut will be advanced 135 feet to the east, intercepting the Polaris Mine 1000 level, and an additional 200 feet to the west. Simultaneously, two diamond drills will continue drilling from the Sterling Tunnel, and more cross-cutting and drifting on this vein structure will commence in September. Another cross-cut 1,000 feet to the east using rail equipment is progressing on schedule as crews are completing a diamond drill station to explore the Yankee Girl vein.

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