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Xstrata Coal South Africa increase operations using Immersive simulator training

Friday, September 14th, 2007

The world’s largest exporter of thermal coal Xstrata Coal South Africa, has chosen Immersive Technologies operator training simulators as a key tool in meeting the large increase in staff requirements for the ramping up of operations, including a large proportion of ‘green’ employees.
The decision by Xstrata South Africa to purchase the Advanced Equipment (AE) Simulators and the five year support packages comes after a thorough investigation of industry training techniques.
Xstrata South Africa operations required a sophisticated training solution able to meet the rapid up-scaling of projects. With an acute skills shortage in the country, Xstrata are relying on a large number of new, unskilled employees to meet their labour needs. The AE Simulator provided the perfect tool to meet this training challenge, enabling heavy equipment operators to be thoroughly trained in a in a safe environment, without hindering production or risking damage to the actual equipment
Immersive Technologies’ African regional manager, Paul Davis said “Simulation training is now recognised by many as the most cost effective way to thoroughly train large unskilled workforces without hindering the production cycle or chancing site equipment with operator damage. Operations globally are seeing significant reductions in unscheduled maintenance costs impacting directly on the bottom line.”
Xstrata recognised Immersive Technologies’ ability to deliver significant value through their advanced product range and extensive support programs which are being used by Immersive’ existing customers in over 20 countries globally. The sale further demonstrates the growing recognition of Immersive Technologies as the leading mining simulation provider in South Africa and around the world.
For further information visit: www.immersivetechnologies.com

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