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Bucyrus Confirms New 8750 Dragline

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Bucyrus International, Inc. has confirmed that it is manufacturing a new 8750 AC Walking Dragline for a major coal mining company in Canada. Bucyrus initially received a letter of intent for this dragline earlier this year and finalized the formal contract for the sale in the second quarter. The 8750’s capabilities and the advanced technologies that are incorporated into this machine helped to secure the order.
This newest dragline, with a contract value in excess of $100 million, will have a complete AC-IGBT electrical drive system for all motions. Bucyrus, with its partner Siemens Energy & Automation, pioneered the use of AC drive systems on mining equipment nearly 30 years ago. Due to the reliability and maintenance-reducing advantages of the AC systems, AC drives have become the norm for heavy excavating equipment in the surface mining industry. Their use on draglines (the largest single bucket excavators in the world) is no exception.
Ultimately the combined drives for the hoist, drag, swing, and walking motions of this 8750’s AC system will have over 37,300 applied horsepower. When in full operating mode, it will be able to lower its 110 yd3 (84.1 m3) bucket to a maximum depth of 250 ft (76.2 m) and drag it until it is filled with nearly 301,000 lbs (136,500 kg) of overburden material (the dirt and rock covering a buried coal seam). That full bucket can then be hoisted to a maximum height of 182 ft (55.5 m) while turning and finally dumping the material 399 ft (121.6 m) away. This machine’s operating weight is approximately 16,135,000 lbs (7,319,000 kg).
Tim Sullivan, President & CEO of Bucyrus, confirmed that machine demand is expected to remain strong. “The sale of this dragline highlights the ongoing global demand for our products and services. We continue to expedite the expansion of our manufacturing facilities to meet this growing demand.”
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