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Gemcom Releases Industry-Leading Mine Performance Management Solution InSite 2.1

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Gemcom Software International Inc. the largest global supplier of specialized mining productivity solutions, announce the release of Gemcom InSite 2.1, the latest version of Gemcom’s industry-leading mine performance management solution. With an InSite system, mining companies are able to improve operational performance by rapidly deploying a system that captures data from disparate mining applications and operational data sources, tying the information together through a web portal that delivers measures, reports and analytics.
“Mining companies today are focused on achieving operational excellence in global operations through management of key performance indicators,” said Peter Orr, senior product manager for Gemcom InSite. “InSite enables mining engineers and mine managers to monitor KPIs, analyze problems and respond immediately. It is a versatile solution that captures, validates and reports production data in both open pit and underground operations. With release 2.1, InSite provides companies with the capability to compare operational performance across multiple mines and to deliver information to users in their local language.”
The Multi-Site Consolidated Reporting feature of InSite 2.1 enables mining companies to continuously track the progress of their operations against corporate goals. InSite 2.1 provides flexible data synchronization configurations to support a range of corporate wide area network systems. By consolidating data from local operations at the regional and corporate level, companies can track overall performance against corporate totals, averages, budgets and plans. Senior management gain access to up-to-date planning and production data from all sites and the ability to analyze costs by equipment, activity, region and other factors.
Using the new Internationalisation Framework in InSite 2.1, mining companies can roll out a common mine performance management solution out across all their operations. System users are able to utilize the same calculated measures, KPIs and report in the language of their choice, including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. All the information comes from a shared data warehouse, ensuring all users see the same data.
“Merger and acquisition activity in the mining industry is driving consolidation, and costs are skyrocketing,” said Dan Miklovic, vice president, Gartner. “As such, many resource-centric companies are looking to IT to improve mining operations from ore extraction through processing and enable a more flexible business operating model.”
Gemcom’s global services capabilities enable it to work collaboratively with its clients wherever they are located when deploying InSite solutions. Using this approach, along with its mining, business and IT expertise, Gemcom is able to tailor each solution to the unique mining challenges and objectives of each company and operation it supports. By doing so, best practices can be combined with the solution’s data management framework to deliver added value to the operation through optimised business processes and centrally available mining data.
InSite 2.1 reflects Gemcom’s commitment to working with its clients to add new, robust functionality and flexibility to the system, which has been deployed throughout the world.
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