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Sunrise Diamonds Plc

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Sunrise Diamonds Plc is pleased to announce that it will start drilling on three known diamondiferous kimberlite pipes in the Company’s Nordic Diamonds Joint Venture claim areas in the Kaavi-Kuopio region of central Finland where it will collect 200kg samples from each pipe to undergo microdiamond testing and grade evaluation. The Company is earning up to a 75p.c. interest in these claims from Canada’s Nordic Diamonds Inc.
The current drill programme will test Pipes 10, 17 and 14 which were selected following encouraging mineral chemistry results and perceived shortcomings in historic evaluation and diamond grades and based on the recommendations of Mineral Services Canada Inc, consultants to Sunrise.
Mineral Services has also recommended further testing of Pipe 22 and this will be drilled as the underlying lake freezes during the early winter in Finland. The Company is also targeting a further eight drill ready kimberlite targets identified through lake bottom seismic soundings which will be tested within the winter exploration programme.
Fieldwork is ongoing at other prospects within the Kaavi-Kuopio region and also in the Kuusamo region of northern Finland where the Company recently completed gravity and magnetic surveys over the Kalettomanpuro kimberlite – the Company’s original discovery in Finland. The data is before Canadian specialists to generate drill targets for testing the diamond prospective kimberlite dyke in the coming months.

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