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New Appointments

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Mechel OAO, one of the leading Russian mining and metals companies, announces formation and membership of the Company’s new collegial executive body (Management Board).
At a meeting of the Mechel OAO Board of Directors held on September 18, 2007, the Board adopted a resolution on the Management Board membership. The following persons were elected members of the Mechel OAO Management Board:
Igor Zyuzin, Mechel OAO CEO and new Management Board Chairman; Alexey Ivanushkin, Mechel OAO COO; Stanislav Ploschenko, Mechel OAO acting CFO; Victor Trigubko, Mechel OAO Senior Vice President for Government Relations; Irina Ipeeva, Mechel OAO Director of Department of Corporate Management and Property; Evgeny Mikhel, Mechel OAO Vice President for Legal Affairs; Oleg Rozenberg, Mechel Management OOO Deputy CEO for Foreign Trade; Elena Selivanova, Mechel Management OOO Director of Human Resources Department; Elena Tuvaeva, Mechel Management OOO First Deputy CEO.
The resolution approving the “Bylaw on the Collegial Executive Body (Management Board)” of Mechel OAO was adopted by the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of Mechel OAO conducted on August 6, 2007. The creation of the Management Board enables the Company’s management team to take decisions after consultation with the members of the Management Board of the most important business of the Company.

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