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Monition Expands Oil Laboratory Expertise

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Monition has responded to increased customer demand for high-quality oil analysis with the recruitment of Chris Wragg as Oil Laboratory Chief Chemist.
Chris joins Monition from Bodycote Materials Testing where he headed up the laboratory team for 6 years.
Alongside the day-to-day running of operations, Chris’s remit is to develop the capabilities of Monition’s in-house Oil Laboratory and broaden the scope of testing services that Monition can offer to clients.
Chris is also heading up Monition’s Development Team in the £400K DTI-funded IntelliOil project to develop a semi-intelligent oil diagnostic and analysis software package.
“Initially, we’ve taken the opportunity to extend the analysis capabilities within the current laboratory set-up.
“To optimise our assessment of machine condition, we’ve re-evaluated our test suites utilising the standards defined in the recently completed BIOMON Project, which was commissioned by the European Commission to develop monitoring protocols for high performance and bio-degradable lubricants.
“We’ve also conducted a wholesale review of Action Limits; using the extensive historical data we have available here at Monition, to further refine data analysis and interpretation.
“We expect our throughput to more than double over the next 12 months. Ongoing investment is enabling Monition’s Lab to accommodate the increasing volume of oil analysis work, as well as equip us to conduct the very specialist areas of analysis work that is often required by our clients.”
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