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A Ripping Yarn from Scout Moor Quarry….

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Marshalls, the producers of premium natural stone has taken delivery of a new Volvo EC700BLC for its prime excavation of stone blocks at its Scout Moor Quarry, located above Ramsbottom, near Bury Lancashire
The new seventy tonne excavator supplied in mass excavation configuration has been put in charge of extricating sandstone blocks from situ and will produce around 400,000 tonnes of material for per annum. To facilitate the primary duties of ripping the un-blasted sandstone as well as its secondary duties of handling top lift material for crushed aggregate, the EC700B has been equipped with a 6.6m Mass excavation boom and a 2.9m dipper arm. To enable the machine to be quickly configured for either duty, a Miller ‘Bug’ hydraulic coupler has been fitted which is able to pick up a heavy duty ripper tooth or a Miller extreme rock bucket.
With a massive 374Kn of breakout force the EC700B powered by a 16 litre Tier III Volvo engine developing 464h.p. is already proving to be a productive and more economical machine over its eighty five tonne predecessor. “When we evaluated the market place for a replacement machine we wanted to reduce the overall operational costs associated in extracting the optimum size of material for our needs,” explained Marshall’s Operations Manager for aggregates – Richard Clemmey. “In every respect the EC700B appeared to be equal or better on specification and, coupled to the overall package on offer, it made complete sense to opt for the Volvo.”
Another important factor in Marshall’s decision to purchase the EC700B was an assured peace of mind since the machine has been delivered with a full three year, 6000 hour full repair and maintenance package (Volvo’s Gold service agreement package). “Knowing your monthly fixed costs in this sort of application is a real benefit when it comes to forecasting and budgeting,” continued Mr Clemmey.
Mounted with 600mm track pads on its extendable undercarriage, the EC700BLC has a stable platform to prise the sandstone blocks from situ at Scout Moor Quarry. The stone blocks destined for Marshall’s saw mills are not ‘popped’ to ease extraction. Instead, the operator has to use the breakout force of the machine to work on the natural jointing and bedding plains found in the rock. This maximises the usability of the material which ultimately becomes premium stone products for prestige developments across the country.
Additional safety features have been added to the machine and these included safety rails mounted on the top of the superstructure, a dual close circuit camera system and red and white chevrons marked on the counterweight. A Caretrack advanced system has also been installed to monitor the machine’s vital functions.

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