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Selkirk Metals Corp

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Selkirk Metals Corp. is pleased to announce the first set of results from the 2007 drill program on the Creek Zone. The Creek Zone forms part of a series of massive sulphide showings exposed at surface, which include the Lower and Upper T Zones. In total these zones, which exhibit similar characteristics, indicate a continuous sulphide horizon with a strike length of over 1 kilometer and a down dip depth potential of at least 500 meters.
To date, the results from the initial four holes from the Creek Zone drill program have been received. The following table summarizes the significant results from these holes:
Hole, From(m), To(m), Interval(m) Zinc%, Lead%
Creek Zone
RD-07-161 149.37 153.55 4.18 17.18 3.87
RD-07-162 174.5 179.16 4.66 8.16 1.89
RD-07-163 316.0 325.05 9.05 6.24 1.37
RD-07-164 199.49 201.83 2.34 5.60 1.29
The 2007 drill program on the Creek Zone consists of wide spaced drill holes, with intercepts approximately 80 meters apart, in order to significantly extend the area of mineralization. The results to date are very encouraging as they confirm the continuity and excellent grade of the Creek Zone. The Creek Zone is approximately 1.5 kilometers east of the E-Zone and can be accessed from the planned underground development.
Previous drilling on the Creek Zone in 2006 was designed to extend the zone of massive sulphide mineralization that was identified at surface. Ten holes were completed in a 100m by 100m area, all of which encountered the mineralized horizon. The following table summarized the significant results from the 2006 drill program on the Creek Zone:
Creek Zone 2006 Drill Results
Drill Hole, From(m), To(m), Interval(m), Zinc(%), Lead(%)
RD-06-144 43.04 49.27 6.23 11.21 2.65
RD-06-145 43.36 52.75 9.4 7.73 1.74
RD-06-149 47.62 60.26 12.6 11.26 2.44
RD-06-154 58.92 67.1 8.2 5.85 1.13
RD-06-155 91.75 92.48 0.73 9.59 2.65
RD-06-156 72.74 73.49 0.75 12.88 3.17
RD-06-157 74.0 80.12 6.12 7.08 1.55
RD-06-158 63.42 71.83 8.41 6.07 1.82
RD-06-159 51.93 61.92 9.99 4.51 1.07
RD-06-160 55.34 60.47 5.13 21.27 4.61
Drilling on the Creek Zone has shown the mineralization encountered in this area to have the same style and character as the E Zone. Previous work has defined the E Zone mineralization as an extensive sheet of base metal rich massive to disseminated sulphide mineralization, covering an area at least 1100m long by 400m in width and up to 30m in thickness. It is uncertain at this time whether the Creek Zone is a continuation of the E Zone, or a separate mineralized horizon. The similarities are such that the 2007 drill program was intended to indicate the potential extent of the horizon and not to drill the Zone in detail. At this time, the Creek Zone remains open at depth in all directions.
Of particular interest is the presence of multiple mineralized horizons in the northern portion of the Creek Zone, with the main horizon being present in all but one of the holes drilled. The base metal rich sulphide mineralization ranges up to 14.2m in thickness, and up to four discrete horizons are locally present. The presence of multiple mineralized zones within the stratigraphy is similar to that encountered in the recent drilling at the U Zone, which is located a further 1.2kms west of the Creek Zone along the “Ruddock Creek Sulphide Horizon”. Attitudes and elevation of the mineralization within these two zones indicates that they may form part of a continuous horizon that will be confirmed by ongoing diamond drilling as exploration of the Ruddock Creek Property continues.

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