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3D Laser Mapping launches most advanced laser scanning system

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

3D Laser Mapping, the UK based specialists in laser measurement technology and software, has launched the most advanced laser profile measuring system yet. Achieving high accuracy measurements at ranges of up to 6 kilometres the Riegl LPM 321 is ideally suited for inhospitable, inaccessible and dangerous environments such as those encountered in mining and engineering projects. The Riegl LMP 321 uses laser beams to measure the position of features and surfaces, recording up to 1000 points per second with millimetre accuracy the system is robust yet lightweight, easy to use and includes an integrated Canon digital camera for capture of fully referenced images of the scene being surveyed.
“This system will take laser scanning to a new dimension,” said Dr Graham Hunter, Managing Director of 3D Laser Mapping. “With a range of 6km this is the most advanced system on the market and will open up new applications within the mining, mapping, monitoring and engineering sectors”.
3D laser scanners capture highly accurate and detailed measurements by transmitting optical pulses that are reflected from the surface or feature back to an integrated receiver unit. Using the time taken for each individual pulse to be returned and the known value of the speed of light the system can accurately calculate the distance of the feature from the scanning unit. The Riegl LPM 321 offers reflectorless ranging (i.e. the pulse is reflected from the actual surface or feature rather than a specially positioned reflector unit) with automatic or manual operation. Capturing up to 1,000 measurements per second, with a typical accuracy of 25mm accuracy, the system was designed for use in dangerous or inaccessible environments.
“The data captured by this system is ideally suited for automatic or semi automatic processing making it an ideal component of our SiteMonitor solution,” continued Hunter. “SiteMonitor is a unique suite of software that has been developed to meet the demand for accurate and repeatable measurements of surfaces and slopes in hazardous or inhospitable environments. By continuously capturing and analysing highly accurate measurements SiteMonitor records movements in the slope surface providing detailed records of mining activity as well as improved safety monitoring”.
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