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Fox River Project

Monday, October 8th, 2007

A detailed geochemical sampling program has been completed on Callinan Mines / Bell Resources’ joint ventured Fox River Project in Northern Manitoba.
The program was designed to test areas located by the company’s 2006 VTEM airborne survey as targets prospective for base and precious metal content.
Seven of the twelve test areas produced anomalous results indicative of underlying geological formations containing nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium and gold. These indications have reinforced the joint venture’s hypothesis that the large sulphide bodies present in the ultramafic host rock at Fox River may contain base and precious metals.
The field work for the mobile metal ion (MMI) geochemical survey was conducted by Dr. Mark Fedikow this past spring. Dr. Fedikow, a renowned expert in the field of geochemistry, outlined areas of possible gold mineralization previously unknown to the company in addition to indications of base metal mineralization consistent with the joint venture’s working geological model.
President Mike Muzylowski was very excited upon learning of the MMI results.
“This will certainly expedite our winter drill program. MMI surveys are often useful drill targets, and the fact that these lines are coincident with anomalies isolated by the VTEM survey makes them especially exciting.”
Details of the MMI survey are available at

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