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Immersive Technologies further extends its reach into Asia

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Immersive Technologies has further extended its reach into Asia having recently sold a further two Advanced Equipment Simulators to PT Saptaindra Sejati, cementing its presence as the global training simulator provider for the mining and earthmoving industry.
PT Saptaindra Sejati is the 5th largest mining contractor in Indonesia, based in Kalimantan and is the second largest mining contractor employed in the PT Adaro project.
The requirement for a training solution that would support the upcoming period of considerable expansion led PT Saptaindra Sejati to utilise Immersive Technologies training solutions, allowing the training of unskilled employees faster than conventional methods while in a safe learning environment.
Paul Davis, Immersive Technologies’ Vice President for Asia Pacific & Africa, said that “The ability to not only increase the throughput of new operator training, but to have them at a higher skill level on their first day in the production circuit is of great advantage to mining operations of all sizes.
These benefits along with the further significant reductions in unscheduled maintenance due to operator misuse are now easily measured, allowing the return on investment in simulation training to be seen very quickly.”
This latest sale demonstrates that along with the large mining companies, contracting companies are also seeing simulation training as a valuable tool, and Immersive Technologies is the leading provider of this advanced training technology.
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