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“NIAGARA – A Classic“ is now available in English and Portuguese!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

The book “NIAGARA – A Classic“, which documents the production of vibrating screens at Haver & Boecker since 1930, was released a few months ago in German. Now it is available in two additional languages: English and Portuguese. The company chose the languages because of its three global locations where the vibrating screens are produced. Within the Haver Group, three companies focus on developing solutions for the mineral processing industry. They are Haver & Boecker in Muenster, W.S. Tyler in Canada and Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana in Brazil. Together they make up THE HAVER SCREENING GROUP.
The book vividly explains in its 280 pages how the company has developed – from building its first machine more than 77 years ago to becoming a global leader with a broad range of products and services that surround the vibrating screens. Along with historical and technical facts, the book is alive with numerous photos and diagrams. Inserts, events and memories on certain topics liven up and compliment the overall subject matter.
Just like the German version “NIAGARA – Ein Klassiker“ (ISBN 3-87357-008-4) the English edition “NIAGARA – A Classic“ (ISBN 3-87357-009-2) and the Portuguese edition “NIAGARA – Um Clássico“ (ISBN 3-87357-010-6) are widely available at bookstores in hardcover at a price of EUR 34.50 per copy.
For further information visit: www.haverboecker.com

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