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C & A Cutter Head Delivers First Drums to Mexico

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Although a mine can achieve production when its equipment is not specifically tailored for its conditions, factors such as frequent rebuilds and lost production time for maintenance can quickly take a toll on profits. One company has stepped up to the challenge of specifically designing equipment for the exact conditions in which its equipment will be operating.
C & A Cutter Head, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing shearer drums since the 1980’s. Today they have a loyal customer base that continues to grow stateside, and is now growing internationally. The company recently won a contract for a set of shearer drums from Grupo Acerero Del Norte’s Micare #6 Mine. This is the first set of what will hopefully be many C & A Cutter Head shearer drums delivered to Mexico.
The company says that winning the order was completely based on the benefits their equipment was able to provide to the customer. The mine has very difficult conditions with a seam height of approximately 1.8 to 2.2 meters (5.9ft. to 7.2ft). Additionally, the mine experiences high and reject rock content. These factors create a very hostile environment for the longwall equipment, and specifically the shearer drums that have to cut this material.
Following an assessment of the mine and its conditions, C & A Cutter Head proposed the installation of their 4-start, 2 bit-per-line lacing shearer drums. The company also incorporated their proven CA-100 blocks and sleeves.
These drums have recently been installed in Micare #6.
C & A Cutter Head is a leading shearer cutting drum supplier in the USA, with over 40% of the market share, and is headquartered in Chilhowie, VA USA.

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