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Hyundai expands dealer network and opens new central stocking facility in UK

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Hyundai has added three new dealers to its UK network: two in Scotland and one in Wales, and has also opened a new central import and stocking facility at Tilbury Docks in London to meet the increasing demand for machines in the UK, and shorten delivery times to dealers and customers.
In Scotland, the new dealers are Stirling-based Young Plant Sales Ltd., covering southern and central Scotland, including the Western Isles, Tayside up to Forfar and across to Fort William, while Aberdeenshire-based Balgownie Ltd. covers the whole of the north of Scotland.
In South and West Wales, a new plant sales company, SW Plant Sales Ltd., has been established in Chepstow by experienced construction industry plant-man Peter Fowler, with Hyundai as its first major product line.
SW Plant and Balgownie will both be full-line dealers for the complete range of Hyundai construction machines, whilst Young Plant will represent all lines, right up to the largest excavators and wheel loaders, but excluding mini-excavators.
“We heartily welcome these strong new dealers, filling important gaps in our network, and at a time when the knowledge, reputation and the consequent demand for Hyundai’s products is increasing,” says Hyundai’s UK Regional Manager, Alan Palling.
“We also recognise that quick delivery is a key factor in securing orders when the market is so competitive and machines are in short supply. It helps our dealers to close deals positively if they have the assurance that they can deliver promptly, and our new central stocking facility will ensure that.”
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