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MMC Takes Two Liebherr Wheeled Loaders for Cornish Operations

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

MMC Mineral Processing Limited was formed in 1998 as a joint venture between Merriman Limited and the McCullough Brothers to concentrate on sand and aggregate processing and materials handling contracting for large aggregate producers around the UK. Expansion and the acquisition of substantial reserves of hard rock, sand, gravel and high PSV grit stone has meant that the company has further increased its materials handling requirements, which has resulted in the recent purchase of two of Liebherr’s largest wheeled loading shovels for two quarries in Cornwall. Past successful, reliable and productive experience with Liebherr wheeled loaders meant that, once again, MMC turned to Liebherr-Great Britain to source their new machines – an L 5802plus2 and, Liebherr’s flagship loader, the L 5862plus2.
Carnsew, Cornwall’s largest inland quarry owned and operated by Colas, is sited on the edge of the Carnmenellis Granite intrusion and produces a silver grey granite in a full range of sizes which span 0/4mm to 20/40mm, as well as Type 1, crusher run, scalpings in various sizes, gabion stone and rock armour. Carnsew also has stone coating and ready mixed concrete plants supplying the regional markets. Here, MMC Mineral Processing is using a new L 5802plus2 articulated wheeled loading shovel for general quarrying tasks, including loading crushers and trucks plus load-and-carry operations to feed the asphalt plant.
The L 5802plus2 at work on Carnsew replaced an L 574 which became due for replacement by MMC after 22,000 hours. Having already experienced the productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency of an L 5802plus2 on another contract, MMC opted for a second machine of this size. Fitted with a 5m³ rehandling bucket, which is ideally suited to the tasks, the L 5802plus2 is proving to be extremely cost-effective because of the miserly fuel consumption – proved by detailed records kept by the operators – and also through the hydrostatic driveline and its performance, which not only improves traction but also contributes greatly to reduced tyre wear. Ride control, a standard feature on the L 5802plus2, is also proving a boon for load-and-carry operations where the machine’s driver can travel smoothly, quickly and safely without loss of material from the bucket.
Lee Moor Pit on the St Austell Moors is operated by WBB and is a major source of high quality China Clay. Here, MMC is contracted to crush hard, dense granite into various graded products as a by-product of the pit which, once removed, exposes the China Clay strata. For this arduous hard rock handling process, MMC required a machine which is well capable of moving the dense material as well as loading crushers and ADTs. The daily throughput exceeds 2,500 tonnes and the new L 5862plus2, equipped with a 5m³ rock bucket is more than up to the job!
In terms of performance, MMC’s L 5862plus2 is handling the varying surface conditions extremely well – especially when the wet months of the year cause a thick slurry to form, which requires maximum traction for pushing and handling the rock efficiently. The limited slip differentials in both axles on the L 5862plus2 provide excellent traction and minimum wheel spin for optimum productivity. Additionally, the unique positioning of the Liebherr driveline components means that the resulting counterbalance ensures operational stability even under heavy load. A further benefit from the hydrostatic driveline efficiency also contributes to fuel economy which, in most instances, produces fuel reductions of around 30%. This remarkable economy can not only save the user in the region of £38,000 over a 10,000 hour period but can also reduce the CO2 emmissions by some 300 tonnes over the same period.
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