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Moxy to start MT51 production

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Moxy Engineering raised the stakes in articulated dump truck manufacture last April when it unveiled the MT51 model at Bauma. Production of this monster of an ADT, currently the world’s largest, is being eagerly awaited by owners and operators around the world with interests in earthmoving, quarrying and mining operations.
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of articulated dump trucks, the MT51 typifies Moxy Engineering’s determination to enhance its reputation as a front runner in the design and development of the concept.
The first MT51 production models to be built at the company’s facility at Elnesvagen near Molde in Norway are expected to roll off the line this month (October) following two years of design and development to producing and rigorous testing of the first prototypes.
Jamie Thomson, Moxy’s managing director, says: “As one of the originators of articulated dump trucks Moxy has brought the concept to a new level. We have had the market leading ADT design since the introduction of our Plus 1 concept back in the late 1990s but there is never time to sit back and relax. At Moxy we always want to push the boundaries so that we can continue to meet our customers’ current and future needs. The design team has really excelled itself with the MT51, everything has been improved from running costs to driver comfort.”
“Furthermore, the new model has already attracted much attention from potential customers. Not only are we cheaper than our competitors but we have also improved the cost per tonne factor. The MT51 has a lower unladen weight, is more fuel efficient and has superior operator comfort – altogether a very attractive package for our customers,” he adds.
A look at the specifications of the MT51 reveals some impressive features not least the 46.27 tonnes payload capacity together with level and heaped body capacities of 22.8m3 and 28.8m3 respectively. The sloping chassis frame and body is the same design as used in the smaller models which the company says ensures a low centre of gravity, good stability and weight distribution. According to Moxy, the MT51 is claimed to be the most stable truck in the market thus eliminating the need for costly wide, low profile tyres while its higher load capacity, fuel economy and low unladen weight should contribute to greater efficiency and a lower cost per tonne.
The MT51 is powered by a Tier 3 compliant Cummins QSX15 water-cooled diesel engine with an output of 374kW. This powerful 15 litre, six-cylinder engine drives through an Allison 4600 ORS six-speed automatic transmission with lock-up in all gears.
Like the other models in the range the new model has permanent six-wheel drive, a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, articulated hinge system, independent front wheel suspension and sloping rear frame all combining to provide good driving stability in uneven terrain with equal power and weight distribution to the wheels. The dual circuit hydraulically operated brakes have enclosed oil-cooled wet multiple discs all round.
One of the dump trucks’ features Moxy is keen to stress is the location of the turning ring in relation to the swing point. Because the ring is located in front of the swing point means there is equal weight distribution to the front wheels in all applications including during full lock turning. Moxy says competitors have located the turning ring behind the swing point giving different weight distribution on the front wheels during turning. As a result of a larger load difference on the front wheels other ADTs use 100% differential lock which the company reckons causes steering difficulties when turning thus creating more force on the driveline and higher wear and tear on the tyres.
A highlight of the new MT51 is its upgraded rubber mounted cab and bonnet design with air conditioning and an air-suspension seat to provide the operator with better visibility, both front and rear, together with good ride characteristics and a low noise level of 74dB(A) contributing to safety and a more comfortable working environment. In addition, the ‘tip-tronic’ gearshift enables the operator to drive the truck in both automatic and manual gear for smoother gearshifts and momentum. The cab tilts to one side to allow for servicing and access to major components.
The MT51 flagship joins the four other established Moxy models, namely the MT26, MT31, MT36 and MT41 now offering payloads from 23 tonnes to just over 46 tonnes and engine outputs ranging from 228kW for the MT26 up to 331kW for MT41.
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