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Plasma Power – Butters AMT launches the versatile Rasor TP 47K-gen single-phase plasma cutting machine

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Welding and cutting specialist Butters AMT has launched the Rasor TP 47K-gen – a versatile, single-phase inverter-based plasma cutting machine.
The Rasor TP 47K-gen functions best in a variety of light to medium on-site plasma cutting applications. It benefits from being used where only a single-phase 230V supply is available and it only requires 20A to deliver full performance.
The unit also features an internal air compressor, which allows for complete, stand-alone portability, with only the requirement for the mains electrical power supply to operate.
Julian Knowles, Butters AMT’s Technical Director, comments: “The Rasor TP 47K-gen provides high quality, functions for cutting operations and is perfectly suited to demanding, on-site applications.”
When the unit is driven at its highest power, the maximum duty cycle consumes less than 4kVA, and the cutting capability of the machine is up to 15mm (depending on material).
The Rasor TP 47K-gen’s inverter technology allows a stable arc to be obtained, which ensures high cutting quality for a wide variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many metallic alloys. Also, its pilot arc can penetrate painted and rusty surfaces: sparing the operator from tedious preparation.
The machine weighs only 16kg and measures 190 x 400 x 420mm, making it ideal for use in a mobile environment. Further, the unit is contained within a robust steel cabinet, features surge protection (for use with generators) and includes a torch safety circuit.
It conforms to all relevant CE directives and standards, including EN 60974-10, and is protected to IP23 and insulation class H.
Knowles concludes: “The RASOR TP 47K-gen is a multi-purpose plasma cutter with an amazing power output for a single-phase machine.”
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