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Xstrata Copper signs global ERP/EAM software and services deal with Mincom

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Mincom, a leading global software and services provider to asset intensive industries, announce it has signed a multi-million dollar global enterprise software agreement with Xstrata Copper, a commodity business unit within the global diversified mining group Xstrata plc, the 5th largest mining company in the world. Under the global enterprise agreement, Mincom will provide Xstrata Copper with an end-to-end integrated mining solution to increase production and reduce operating costs by providing tools to better plan and control all areas of the organisation.
The use of open platform technologies and industry standard tools will enable Xstrata Copper to lower lifecycle costs, provide a clear upgrade path, and flexibility to migrate to emerging technologies. By standardising on Mincom’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Intelligent Mining Solutions platform, Xstrata Copper is provided with solutions for key processes in the mining value chain, from mine planning, quality management and the associated laboratory processes through to outbound logistics and the sales processes involved in the final saleable product.
Mincom solutions provided include Mincom Ellipse, Mincom MineMarket, Mincom Axis, Mincom CCLAS and Mincom LinkOne.
Richard Mathews, CEO of Mincom, said, “This is a significant win for Mincom as it deepens our presence in the global mining industry. As Xstrata Copper continues to expand its global operations, it is critical for them to partner with an organisation that understands technology as it relates to the mining industry and has a thorough understanding of a mining company’s global business model.”
The Mincom Enterprise Mining Solution will provide visibility across Xstrata Copper locations to create a single, integrated business-wide solution while providing a platform for growth and expansion. The solution will increase its asset utilisation, reduce operating costs, help it to meet regulatory standards for audit compliance, ensure supply chain availability and visibility, allocate skilled resources appropriately, and mitigate risk.
John Coldham, General Manager of Business Integration for Xstrata Copper, said, “As we continue to grow and increase efficiencies within our business through operational excellence in the management of our assets, integrating business processes across our divisions in an enterprise-wide solution is a key focus for Xstrata Copper. With Mincom, we also have the opportunity to actively engage in product roadmap, product design and release schedules which can be deployed globally.”
For further information visit: www.mincom.com

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