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Chepstow Plant (International) Ltd takes a significant package of equipment from Volvo

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Blue chip plant contractors Chepstow Plant (International) Ltd, who specialize in high production projects in the U.K. and abroad, has taken delivery of a significant package Volvo construction equipment products including the recently launched E series trucks, F series loaders and C series excavators.
In all CPI has had a total of twenty six haulers split between the A25 and A40 size, five excavators including a second seventy tonne EC700BLC and an EC360C LC – the first to be delivered in the U.K. Concluding the line up are five loading shovels and once again CPI has taken delivery of the first F series mid platform loaders ranging between the L120F and L150F models. “Operating quality products has become our hallmark in the many projects we undertake where high production capacity is called for,” commented Managing Director John Corcoran. “In our opinion, choosing models from the Volvo range supports a sound business partnership between us, our clients and our supplier.”
With another significant increase in his operating fleet John Corcoran is keen to bring added value to his customers. “It’s not simply a case of getting the best price for the machine and then simply putting it out on hire – we are now looking to use the technology available for this equipment that can demonstrate and prove to our customers that we can deliver on the best quality and service,” he said. “That’s why we are taking all the machines from Volvo with the ‘Caretrack’ advanced tracking system and ‘Matris’ monitoring and diagnostic tools to provide added value and to further develop our working relationships with our clients.”
Part of this recent package has included a second EC700B that has gone to work on a high profile quarrying application in the south west of England. CPI’s objective was to prove to their client that they could a) replace the larger existing machine on site with a smaller and more productive machine and b) significantly reduce fuel burn and thus increase productivity. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic quick fit and works with a ripper tooth to rip rock and overburden from situ. It then uses a bulk bucket to load the extracted material onto dumptrucks. According to Mr Corcoran the EC700B has reduced his client’s fuel burn by as much as 40 litres per hour with a 50% overall saving. “So far the machine is performing very well and living up to the expectation of our customer,” he said.
For further information visit: www.volvoce.co.uk

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