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OMZ Mining Equipment and Technologies Division Completes Development of 30 Cubic Meter Bucket Mining Shovel

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group) has announced that OMZ Mining Equipment and Technologies Division has finished developing the graphic design for the new EKG-3000R model shovel, which will form the basis for a new line of domestically-produced heavy-duty mining shovels.
The main bucket capacity of the EKG-3000R will be 30 cubic meters, with changeable buckets ranging from 20 to 42 cubic meters capacity. Theoretical capacity when using the main bucket will be approximately 3,000 cubic meters per hour and the main transformer’s power capacity will be 3000 kVA. Operating temperature range will be from +45°C to -45°C. Designs call for free access to all mechanisms, components and facilities for investigation and maintenance works. Total weight of the shovel will be 1080 tons.
Design development for the EKG-3000R has been undertaken using USS NX 5.0 construction software. This software is currently the world leader in 3D-modelling and possesses the widest possibilities. The software’s usage helps speed up the launch of new products. It also helps to improve quality through virtual testing and transfer of the testing data directly to the computer of a processing machine system. Production costs can also be decreased using the software.
The EKG-3000R is a basic model, optimized for work in conjunction with a 220-ton truck. After technical design completion it will be further designed to work with a 55 cubic meter bucket, and in conjunction with a 320-ton truck.
OMZ started working on the development of the EKG-3000R model in March 2007. A conceptual design of the new shovel was completed in October, and the final design will be presented in February 2008. Then the company plans to start production of a prototype which should be ready in spring 2009.

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