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Mine Prospects Advance For Klondike Star’s Indian River Gold Project With 2007 Exploration Results

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Donald W. Flinn, P.Eng., Vice-President, Operations Klondike Star Mineral Corporation release 2007 exploration results on the Indian River gold property.
A major auger drilling initiative was launched late November, 2006 and carried on almost continuously until wrapped up in September. 343 holes were completed. 602 holes totaling 4,566 meters/14,797 feet have now been drilled on the property and gold recovery determined. Gold was recovered from nearly 100% of the holes in the main target area.
Results from the drilling program have allowed the acceleration of technical efforts to delineate, model and assess the mineralized zone. Drill lines were completed at 1000 foot intervals with holes 100 feet apart along the drill lines spanning the complete width of the initial target zone. In July, the drilling program shifted to infill drilling of lines at 500 foot intervals to facilitate detailed mine planning and increase confidence in the calculation of probable mineral reserves.
Donald W. Flinn, P.Eng., said, “With the combination of the extensive drilling, detailed mapping and analysis of the mineralized area targeted for development, and the results of bulk sampling, we are able to determine with reasonable confidence the amount of organics and gravels to be moved and the extent of the mineralized ground to process for gold recovery. We have a measured mineral resource that is being evaluated for reporting as probable mineral reserves.”
The target zone forms a wedge that is 300 meters/984 feet at the beginning and broadens to a width of over 1,500 meters/4,921 feet. To date, the mineralized zone extends over a distance of more than 3 kilometers/1.9 miles) and remains open to expansion to the east and south. Gold appears to be consistently distributed within this broad area with gold values present across the entire width of the property. The fineness of the gold tested out at 82.27%.
To further calibrate drilling results, increase levels of confidence in the estimation of mineralization, test mining methods and water management design requirements, bulk sampling operations started in 2006 using selected heavy equipment and an industry-standard 5’ trommel. One test site was completed in 2006 processing 7249 cubic meters of material for 45.08 ounces of raw gold. (Press Release 24-2006, November 30, 2006). During the 2007 summer exploration season, a second representative site was completed with an area of 1,624 square yards of which 6200 cubic yards were processed for 32.83 troy ounces of gold. Test mining is being supervised by an established Canadian firm specializing in mine engineering and processing technology. The experienced gained from the bulk sampling operations has contributed to the design of the proposed mining process. Key criteria for low-cost mining operations include reducing energy requirements, new methods for handling the mineralized and non-mineralized materials, and effective water and environmental management practices.
Earlier this year, to support expanded exploration activity and in anticipation of potential mine development, Klondike Star completed upgrading and extension of the access road and installed a 12-person camp.
This is the first in a series of forthcoming releases about 2007 exploration results from Company properties in the Klondike gold district as assay results are available.
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