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New Appointment

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Franconia Minerals Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. William C. Brice as Director of Government & Community Relations, effective immediately.
Prior to joining Franconia, Mr. Brice spent 36 years with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR), including 19 years as Director of the Division of Lands & Minerals, where he had principal responsibility for the granting of environmental and mining permits throughout the state. He also served the MN DNR as Chair of the Senior Managers Council; Acting Administrator of the Bureau of Real Estate Management; and prior to his appointment as Director, was the Assistant Director, Division of Minerals; and, Manager of Environmental Services, Division of Minerals.
With professional registrations as an Engineer and Geoscientist, Mr. Brice also holds a Ph.D. in Mineral Resources Engineering, from the University of Minnesota, specializing in environmental design, law and economics. He has written numerous articles on environmental concerns, mineral leasing and regulatory issues, which have been published in conference proceedings, agency reports and technical magazines. His previous work includes a copper-nickel resource planning project for the State, drafting of Minnesota’s mineland reclamation permit-to-mine rules as well as the preparation of several Governor’s mining policy recommendation reports.
“We are extremely pleased to have Bill joining us as we approach the next critical phase of permitting for our Birch Lake Project in the Duluth Complex of Northern Minnesota,” said Brian Gavin, Franconia’s President and CEO. “He brings an incredible depth of first-hand knowledge and experience about both the permitting process – including the most effective ways of fulfilling the state’s demanding environmental and regulatory requirements – as well as dealing with complex community issues.”
For further information visit: www.franconiaminerals.com

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