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Powerscreen & Flex-Mat help recycle the Netherlands’ roadbase

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Van Bentum Recycling Combinatie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands use the Powerscreen H6203 with Flex-Mat 3 screen media to separate recycled asphalt which has been cleaned of tar for re-use as roadbase. In the Netherlands recycled asphalt must be clean of tar and Van Bentum Recycling Combinatie burn the asphalt to clean it before screening it with the Powerscreen H6203 and ultimately selling it for reproduction.
The site manager from Van Bentum Recycling Combinatie said, “We’re very pleased with the Powerscreen H6203 as it has such good capacity and speed. The Flex-Mat 3 screen media manufactured by Major Wire Industries is a great addition, as throughput is extremely good and blinding and pegging is minimal. The Flex-Mat 3 screen media also don’t need changed as often, so not only is the process more efficient and profitable for us, but it is more economical to run.”
The demolished asphalt is firstly burned by the Thermal cleaning facility. It is then processed in the Powerscreen H6203 which has 3 screen media producing 4 end-products at approximately 300tph. The top deck of the Powerscreen H6203 is 30x30mm square woven mesh, the middle deck is 9mm Flex-Mat D-Series and the bottom deck is 3mm Flex-Mat S-Series. This produces 0-3mm, 3-9mm, 9-30mm and 30mm+ oversize clean asphalt suitable for re-use.
The Powerscreen H6203 is manufactured for large volume processing of crushed stone, sand and gravel, coal, recycled concrete and asphalt. It is capable of up to 800 tonnes per hour throughput of four specific sized products and features a 6m X 1.83m horizontal triple-deck with a high productivity geared triple shaft oval stroke screen.
Weighing in at around 48 tonnes, the H6203 is the top of the range model, being 18.55 metres long and 4.75 metres high in working mode. Four attached stockpiling conveyors are hydraulically folding for transport, giving a travelling width dimension of only 3.20 metres. Once on site, set-up time is swift (typically around one hour) and the low ground pressure, heavy-duty crawler undercarriage provides an agility and mobility around the job-site unexpected of the screening plant’s size and capacity. The four attached stockpiling conveyors are all angle-adjustable and feature infinitely variable belt speed control. The feed conveyor also has variable speed control for optimum material feed performance.
Since it was introduced, the revolutionary Flex-Mat® 3 High Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media has been proven in more than 12,000 applications across the world to increase production 20%, 30%, and even 40%. Flex-Mat 3 delivers more through-put in blinded, pegged and clogged applications. Polyurethane strips, centred on each screen deck crown bar support, allow individual wires to vibrate independently at different frequencies, preventing material from accumulating between wires as it typically does with woven wire. And Flex-Mat 3 lasts up to 3 times longer that woven wire.
Flex-Mat 3, the latest generation of this remarkable screen media, continues to revolutionize the industry in numerous applications. As well as solving thousands of severe screening problems, Flex-Mat 3 has also been proven to significantly increase throughput on any screen compared to woven wire, square or slotted cloth. Flex-Mat 3 has up to one-third more open area per screen, allowing far more spec product per hour. In fact, many producers like Van Bentum Recycling Combinatie use Flex-Mat 3 on multiple screen decks to gain the added tons per hour.
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