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The Haver Screening Group Delivers Largest Hydro-Clean® To North America

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Just recently the largest Hydro-Clean®, model HC 2000, of the Hydro-Clean® series of high pressure washing systems was delivered to North America.
Since the development of the high pressure washing systems started in the late 1990s, the Haver & Boecker washing process has steadily found new applications beyond washing gravel, and has made a name for itself in new markets. And to fulfil the requirements presented by this broad spectrum of applications, a completely new series been developed and includes 4 machine models: the Hydro-Clean® HC 350, HC 700, HC 1000 and HC 2000. In all four models the parameters such as pressure level, nozzle count and the mounting angle of the washing rotor and other settings can be adjusted to suit the individual application at hand. While the smallest in this family of machines, the HC 350 Hydro-Clean®, is primarily used for exploration work in the diamond industry, the largest machine, the HC 2000, was developed for especially high material throughput rates.
The recently delivered HC 2000 Hydro-Clean® will be used in the sand and gravel industry in California, USA. The main job for this Hydro-Clean® machine is to wash off agglomerates and to reduce soft stone content.
At the customer approximately 140 tons of unclean gravel in a size range of 0 to 50 mm (0 – 2”) are washed every hour. Washing is a significant step in producing an end-product that is ready for sale. Water consumption is kept down to only 0.31 m³/ton (10.6 ft³/ton) and power consumption is only 1.29 kW/hr. per ton.
An innovative washing drum design in tandem construction is the most prominent feature of the HC 2000 Hydro-Clean® machine. In contrast to the other models, which are equipped with a washing rotor, the HC 2000 has two rotors. Both are positioned in line next to each other and share a common bunker, washing drum and discharge belt conveyor.
The dimensions of the Hydro-Clean® are 3200 x 3500 x 3700 mm (126 in. x 138 in. x 146 in.) and the machine weight is only 14.7 tons. To make transportation from the manufacturing facility in Muenster, Germany to the jobsite in USA as economical as possible, the machine was modularly designed so that it could be partially disassembled for transport by sea vessel inside standard containers.
Like all Hydro-Clean® models, operation and adjustment of all parameters are done using the latest available touch-screen control panel.
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The HC 2000 Hydro-Clean® was disassembled into modules for economical sea freight transport to its destination in the USA.

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