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Haver & Boecker Invests in Education: Opening of the HAVER Academy

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

The HAVER Academy officially opened in a ceremony on Monday, 22 October 2007 in the Carl Haver Forum in Oelde and is the new education and training platform at Haver & Boecker.
This medium size company in Westphalia had always been well known for its exemplary education and apprenticeships for young employees. Already in the early days the company’s founding fathers knew that cutting-edge technology could only be developed by highly skilled employees. Indeed this family-owned company can assure its success only through the development of its technologies. The company has continuously trained its young employees with standards since 1905. Just this past summer alone 41 secondary school graduates started their apprenticeships at Haver & Boecker. As is the case with all employees, they will also have to keep pace with the continuously increasing requirements of customers and international globalisation. This can be assured only through continuous education and training. In this regard Haver & Boecker constantly strives to actively support its employees by offering lifelong training and education.
Leading technology requires knowledgeable people who know how to make the most of it. Haver & Boecker wants its customers to enjoy the greatest benefit from the advantages offered by fully developed technology. This only can be accomplished when the operating personnel of machines and equipment are trained and instructed accordingly.
In the coming future a broad range of courses will be offered to employees in up-to-date training facilities to support lifelong learning and to allow them to train customers on using
the latest available technology. In addition to computer, language and work methods training, specialised instruction for employees in technical, commercial and administrative departments will be offered. Also health and socially relevant subjects are part of the program.
Newly introduced parallel studies which were recently undertaken by 25 participants are also part of the HAVER Academy program.
By promoting enhanced qualification and training, the company aims to extend its leading position in the sector of weighing, filling and processing technology. The HAVER Academy is the Education and Training platform of the HAVER Group. Knowledge and skills are to be conveyed to the employees in specialised courses. This knowledge will serve to gain optimum use of intelligent technology.
For further information visit: www.haverboecker.com

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