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CommoDaS Inc

Monday, November 19th, 2007

CommoDaS, the electronic sorting specialists for minerals, have embarked on expanding their global sales and marketing network by setting up their North American office. CommoDaS Inc. was founded in July 2007 and is a 100-percent subsidiary of TiTech Visionsort AS (Oslo, Norway). The company has based itself in Toronto, from where it will serve the mining industry in the USA and Canada. “For sorting applications of mineral ores such as gold, copper, nickel, diamonds, coal, etc. in the mining industry we are the ones to talk to in North America,” explained Lütke von Ketelhodt, General Manager – North America at CommoDaS in Toronto.
Lütke von Ketelhodt and his colleague Kai Bartram are experienced MikroSort professionals. Both have been instrumental in successfully introducing the CommoDaS electronic sorting technology to the southern African mining market for the past six years.
The partnership with Terra Vision ensures a strong presence. Terra Vision is set-up in Quebec and is specialised in toll sorting, i.e. build-own-operate plants (BOO). It supports the CommoDaS sales activities primarily in the French-speaking parts of Canada. A first project has already been implemented in the form of a containerized plant for the sorting of talcum minerals. The plant was in operation on a Dynatec mine in Madoc, Ontario. The task was to clean up the mine’s waste dumps by separating high grade Talc from waste rock using an optical sorter. After the successful completion of the contract, the containerized plant has now been moved to the lab-facilities of SGS in Lakefield, Ontario. This set-up is now used to offer test work for customers for optical sorting applications.
With its MikroSort® technology, CommoDaS – as a globally operating corporation – provides excellence in the field of automated material identification and sorting for the mining and minerals industries.
Whether diamonds, gem stones, metallic ores such as gold, platinum or other minerals, MikroSort® provides an interesting alternative beneficiation process, where conventional processes have either failed or are inefficient. These sorting applications have proven to unlock value of previuosly uneconomic mineral reseves. It can therefore extend the life of mine and in many instances be used to recover valuable minerals from discarded waste rock dumps.
CommoDaS has been active in the market for more than a decade. It develops and produces its software and hardware components in-house. In cooperation with the parent company TiTech AS in Norway, which also operates worldwide, a unique range of products in the detection and sorting technology is offered for the extraction and recycling industry.
TiTech developed the first opto-electronic sorting system for the identification and extraction of liquid packaging. Today the sorting of raw materials is the primary application field of the TiTech systems. This makes the company, based in Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany, an international market leader.
While TiTech employs light rays in the near-infrared range for detecting various materials including image recognition by database research, CommoDaS makes use of colour cameras, metal sensors and X-rays in its systems.
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Photo caption: Lütke von Ketelhodt, General Manager and Kai Bartram, Sales manager North America with CommoDaS in Toronto

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